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Hi !! 🤗
My name is Prici and I am Franco-Beninese 🇫🇷🇧🇯
Photography is one of my passion and when I look at “my photography” I see my vision of the world.

When I walk in town, my eyes are drawn to the geometry, symmetry of the buildings around. I love how the light from the sun is different after rain. The sky fascinates me, and wherever I am in the world, I always shoot it.

As an afro-descendant myself, representation is so important to me. DESCENDANTS is a serie of portraits, aiming at represent my vision of black people, particularly black women. Strong, but so much more …



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My Photography

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NFT Collection

MINI-AFRICA is my genesis collection. AFRICA because Benin is a small country in West Africa.
MINI because it is a collection of minimalist photographs.

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Graphic Architecture
Architecture Photography

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Portrait Photography

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